Sound Design

With 9 years of experience using Ableton Live, I want to be able to share the concepts, techniques, and approaches that I’ve learned.

Ableton Live Lessons

Schedule an Appointment for one on one instruction.

Live Introduction


Gain an understanding of Ableton’s Session and Arrangement views, Audio/MIDI tracks, and Instruments/FX. Learn the basics of recording, sampling, synthesizers, quantization, and general composition.

Live Intermediate


Learn techniques and approaches to Sound Design/Digital Signal Processing.

  • Learn about basic waveforms, envelopes, filters, and signal flow.
  • Subtractive/FM synthesis.
  • Other types of synthesis (Granular, Physical Modeling, Wavetable Synthesis, Sine Compression).

Live Advanced


Anything you would like to learn/mess with inside of Ableton, or 3rd party plug-ins (ask questions about 3rd party plug-ins in advance).

Project Critique

Receive detailed critiques for your mix, as well as critiques on your Sound Design, Arrangement, EQ/Levels, and your Master chain.



7 + 9 =

If there is anything specific that you want to learn, feel free to email me ahead of your appointment and ask questions.